Working Papers

Working Papers

Does Credit Affect Deforestation? Evidence from a Rural Credit Policy in the Brazilian Amazon (with Juliano Assunção, Clarissa Gandour and Romero Rocha). Featured in Valor Econômico 29/01/13. Op-ed in O Globo, 13/02/2013 [paper]. Revise & Resubmit invited by the Economic Journal.

Do Lower Taxes Reduce Informality? Evidence from Brazil (with Gabriel Ulyssea and Laísa Rachter). Featured in Folha de São Paulo 28/08/2016 [paper]. Revise & Resubmit invited by the Journal of Development Economics.

Prescription Drug Cost-Sharing and Health Outcomes: Evidence from a National Copayment System in Brazil (with Pedro Américo). [paper]

Does Universalization of Health Work? Evidence from Health Systems Restructuring and Maternal and Child Health in Brazil (with Sonia Bhalotra and Rodrigo R. Soares). [paper]

Current Projects

Climate Change, Temperature Extremes and Inequality in Health Outcomes (with Dimitri Szerman).

The Timing of Fertility in India: Evidence from Microdata (with Sonia Bhalotra).

Stop Suffering: Pentecostal Upsurge in Brazil (with Angelo Marcantônio and Francisco J. Costa).