Working Papers

Working Papers

Does Credit Affect Deforestation? Evidence from a Rural Credit Policy in the Brazilian Amazon (with Juliano Assunção, Clarissa Gandour and Romero Rocha). Featured in Valor Econômico 29/01/13. Op-ed in O Globo, 13/02/2013 [paper]. Revise & Resubmit invited by the Economic Journal.

Do Lower Taxes Reduce Informality? Evidence from Brazil (with Gabriel Ulyssea and Laísa Rachter). Featured in Folha de São Paulo 28/08/2016 [paper]. Conditionally accepted by the Journal of Development Economics.

Prescription Drug Cost-Sharing and Health Outcomes: Evidence from a National Copayment System in Brazil (with Pedro Américo). [paper]

Does Universalization of Health Work? Evidence from Health Systems Restructuring and Maternal and Child Health in Brazil (with Sonia Bhalotra and Rodrigo R. Soares). ESRC Award ES/N000048/1. [paper]

Current Projects

Climate Change, Temperature Extremes and Inequality in Health Outcomes (with Dimitri Szerman).

Herbicides and Infant Health (with Mateus Dias and Rodrigo R. Soares)

Access to Health Care, Health Outcomes and Hospital Performance in Brazilian Cities (with Sonia Bhalotra and Leticia Nunes). British Academy Award AF160082.

Stop Suffering: Pentecostal Upsurge in Brazil (with Angelo Marcantônio and Francisco J. Costa).

The Response of Fertility to Income (with Sonia Bhalotra and Bastien Chabé-Ferret).